Help me find my Voice!

I started this blog because I felt as if I lost my voice. Despite being well known by many. A pillar in my community, best friend, mentor, entrepreneur, community advocate, empowered woman. I lost support emotionally.

I am considered “the strong one” whatever that means. And for a while that title was okay, yet as time went on, that title doesn’t seem so fitting. That title comes with a definition that you are super woman, you aren’t human, your life is perfect, you laugh all day, nothing seems to ever bother you, you are always there for everyone else. So much so, that the title has no time for self. Yet you are always available to everyone else.

I can’t go to anyone, because they are always coming to me. As I continue doing God’s work serving those in need, as well as my community. I feel as if I lost myself along with my voice. However I can’t express this to anyone. Seems like the backlash for someone who is deemed “strong” who claims to be human and to have feelings, isn’t understood easily. In fact it’s way more complicated to understand, than that of someone who is expected to become vulnerable to life’s wear and tear.

I lost my voice so I figured this would act as my podium on this stage so my voice will be heard again. So I will be able to speak my truth without shocking or caring what others may think.

Because I lost my voice.